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Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer's Coming!

My school district seems to be the last district in the country to let out of school. We still have two more weeks left!
That doesn't mean that mentally I'm not gearing up for summer - which means quite a few things for me.
1)a lot of time with Caitie, especially if she doesn't get a job (I actually hope I DON'T get to spend the time with her!)

2) Sleeping LATE

3) Going to sleep LATE

4)Watching a lot of movies

5) Big Brother will be back (woohoo! I admit it, I LOVE BB!)

6) Lots of reading

7) Two mini-vacations we have planned...

8) Time with friends and family (I suppose this should be higher, so I'm just going to retro-add that this list is in no particular order)

9) Did I mention sleeping?

10) Writing, writing, writing.

I certainly hope that the "writing" turns into another career - and maybe, just maybe, it'll happen this summer. I have a fantastic opportunity on the horizon that I can't talk about JUST YET, but will very soon.

On another note, today, for the first time in a while, I had a "I just don't feel like writing today" day. I reached a really interesting place in my newest book yesterday, and I guess I just need a little time to let all the stuff I came up with sink in, and figure out where exactly to go next. My process is a weird combination of sorting through vague ideas in my head and just sitting down and getting them out on paper. I've tried "brainstorming" as in actually writing notes/graphic organizers etc - none of it works for me.
So, while it's not unusual for my brain to work on my book like my PS3 downloading something in the background, the fact that I didn't write today was strange. I've been pretty good about the "write every day" mantra I keep reading about. Oh well, I guess it was bound to happen...

On yet a third note, I've noticed that I have a few new followers. I don't know pretty much any of you who are following me (other than Caitie, of course - hi Caitie!) so --

Anybody want to share what brought you here? I'm always happy to meet new friends/fellow writers!