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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Well, it's been a while, hasn't it? I was doing really well with this blog for a while there -- and then it kind of slipped off.
Sorry about that!
Truth be told, I don't have much in the way of news. We sent out our second round to editors and are waiting to hear. It's pretty nerve-wracking!
Otherwise, not a whole lot has changed in the last month or so.

Sorry about that -- when there's news, I'll certainly let you all know!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


No, I'm not gone, and I haven't forgotten about the blog either.

Honestly, there just hasn't been much to talk about.

We're still waiting on editors. We should be sending out to a second round within the next week or so. Stats: no response from five of the ten; three rejections (though I suspect the reason for these was simply we aimed too young -- the book is geared more towards young teen and we queried in the 3-6 grade range due to a misunderstanding by both me and my agent of the terms "middle grade" and "young adult." I think we got ourselves straightened out more for round two. We still have two editors who have the book who we haven't heard responses from. When we get more of an update, I'll certainly post it.

Caitie and I have been trying to see the Oscar nominated movies. So far:
The Help - Caitie saw it, I haven't. She loved it.
Descendents - Neither of us have seen it yet.
War Horse - Neither of us.
Moneyball - both watched it, thought it was pretty good. Not a winner, but good.
Hugo - both saw it - both loved it.
Artist - Fantastic movie - both of our picks for best of the year.
Tree of Life - we watched a half hour of it and had no idea what we were watching.
Midnight in Paris - have next on our Netflix queue
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - Caitie wants to see it because she read the book, I'm not particularly interested.

I'll probably do a more complete Oscar prediction post when we get a little closer to the show.

On a last note, my great uncle died earlier this week. I didn't really know him - only met him a handful of times. We decided not to go to the funeral because it is in Florida and we can't really afford the expense of the trip. It would have been nice to see our family, but I think using a funeral for that purpose is somewhat tacky. Still, my thoughts are with my dad and family there today.