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Sunday, January 12, 2014


I don't actually have that much to say on this topic, but since it's in my home state and I've been a fairly vocal opponent of Christie since he took office, I figured I should chime in briefly.

1) DID CHRISTIE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED?  Does it matter? If he knew, clearly he's going to be in trouble. If he didn't know, it seems almost just as bad. His top advisers were involved in this - there's clear evidence pointing to that. No one is denying that. If his top advisers did this and he didn't know about it, what kind of an operation is Christie running? How could the boss NOT know that his staff was doing these things? At best, he comes off as completely incompetent.

I'm not so sure. On Thursday, Rachel Maddow ran a theory that seemed far more plausible which I'll get to in a moment. The media has hooked into the idea that the lanes were closed because the mayor refused to endorse Christie and has been running with it. Not only does that seem ridiculously petty, but it doesn't even really make sense given that Christie was already ahead in the polls and other Democrats didn't give their endorsement either. What makes more sense? The day before was the whole debacle about the tenure of judges. Christie was petty about the whole thing - I'm not going into the whole details of it, but the head Senate Democrat who he would want to punish?  She represents Fort Lee. The timing was perfect for that to be the case, and I tend to fall on that side of it whether it's true or not.

3) WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? Personally, I think Christie should resign. The pundits who say he's coming out of this clean are delusional. This is haunting him, regardless of if he knew or not, the rest of his governership and onward. I think it's only a matter of time before he leaves office anyway as a result of this.

Either way, this is a fascinating story. I know I'll be tuned in to see what happens...

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