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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Things just feel off, but...

I have two full manuscripts out.

My sister's going to give birth within the next day or two.

For some reason the last couple of nights I've been having really funky dreams that I can't really remember in the morning, I wake up feeling -- off.

We haven't been to the gym in a couple of weeks because we seem to be doing something every day.

I'm turning 33 next week.

The sliding back door in my house has been a pain in the neck to close lately and I can't figure out why.

I've been trying to get a contractor to fix the thing that needs to be fixed on my roof (yeah, that's how specific I can get) for months and he never calls back.

My computer has been doing funky things lately like sending dancing purple lines across the screen or not turning on properly.

I've gotten skunked out of more poker hands online in the last week than I thought possible - losing sure thing wins when that one wrong card falls on the river.

I'm semi-stuck on my latest book - I think I'll get somewhere and then come to a screeching grinding halt again.

The lock on my classroom door is broken, and no one seems particularly concerned, though it means when we have a lockdown I can't follow procedure.

I got a rubber chicken as a secret Santa gift, though granted, it makes a really cool noise.

I practically threw out my shoulder playing Boom Blox this weekend.

On the plus side:
I have two agents looking at my full.

My sister is about to give birth.

I don't remember the funkiness of the dreams really.

I actually HAVE a gym membership which we can (more or less) afford

I'm made it to 33 and it's got to be better than 32.

I'm pretty sure I managed to get the door closed after all.

When I do get in touch with the contractor finally it shouldn't be terribly expensive.

My computer is (more or less) working, at least.

I don't think I'm playing bad poker, just hitting incredibly bad luck.

I've written three full books with very little trouble, hitting snags on book four is nothing to complain about, and I've got ideas churning for three more books already.

Who care about a lock?

OK, the rubber chicken is kinda cool.

Boom Blox is awesome and I can't wait to hurt my shoulder again...OK, maybe not so much on the hurt...

ETA: I'm an uncle! My sister gave birth this morning at 9:45 to Lily Ella, 7 lbs. 5 oz. Yay - so happy for her!!!!


  1. 33 is definitely better than 32 and're not going to believe this but 40 is better than both!!!

  2. Another plus? You are friends with me :) lol!

    Feel better Jason, 33 isn't so bad. Have a great holiday and see you next week.