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Saturday, August 7, 2010


I'm signed up for writeoncon this coming week. I'm not entirely sure what it will consist of, but I'm certainly hoping to make some contacts, get some tips, maybe help somehow advance my writing career.

The little I know about it is already starting to show me how daunting my odds are of getting noticed -- I think I read there are some 1400 people registered. That's an awful lot of writers, and just think of all the people who don't know about the conference trying to get published!

In all honesty, I still do feel as though Before White is SOMETHING. I think I have something special there, and maybe it's just writer-hubris, but I've gotten nothing but praise from those who have actually read it.

I'm keeping hopes in check though, and we'll see what happens.

On a separate note, Goodson Froog is going along GREAT. I have 30,000 words and definitely see the 40,000 mark in sight. While I have a real fondness for Before White, and I think Sparks is a pretty good story, I think Goodson might be my best work so far...

To those of you who started following me on here due to writeoncon - thanks and welcome!

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