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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

End of summer sadly approaching.

Going back to school next week. This summer has spoiled me on the writer's life. I love making my own schedule. I love writing and thinking about writing. I love the people in the writing world (or at least the ones I've met virtually). I want to publish, I want to work on my writing full time. Don't get me wrong, I still love working with the kids. I will miss that if I get to focus on my writing.

Sure, I know writing won't be perfect. There will be frustrations and insufferable people, there will be contract worries and story headaches, but I want all that. day...

In other news, I'm hard at work on my West Side Story/Veronica Mars mash up story. So far I think it's going pretty well. It's a little strange writing realism, but I like the challenge. I like my characters and the story is starting to take shape.

I hope I don't lose momentum on it.

Meanwhile, the query process continues. Here's hoping...

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