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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lost: What Kate Does

What does Kate do? Run, I guess.

Same as last week (and ever after) - Spoilers to be expected.

At this point this is my gut reaction to the episode. It certainly wasn't as great as last week's, kind of a middle of the pack episode overall. My thoughts in typical bullet fashion since it seems easiest:

-- I was disappointed not to get any Locke, Ben, Alpert, or Desmond. Looks like we'll get them back next week.

-- What was the point of the scene with Kate getting the handcuffs off? It seemed very filler-ish to me...

-- Claire IS pregnant with Aaron in the other timeline. Jumping ahead, why was Ethan her doctor? I'm sure blogs will come out with this by tomorrow, but was Ethan there at Aaron's birth the first time? He might have been...but there's another stranger implication for the island from that. If Ethan is alive in this timeline, then somehow Horace and his wife (or, as I speculated last year, Horace's wife and her mysterious "other" lover) had him off-island. Given that, can we safely assume the island sunk pre-1977?

-- What happened to Claire's baby during that "moment"? Did Aaron somehow phase to the other timeline? Seems strange they would have that moment, unless it was there simply to bring out the name Aaron which caused Kate...

-- experience deja vu whatever like Jack did last week. I'm just wondering how long into the season we'll have to wait for those "flashes" to pay off.

-- Sayid has a darkness growing him. This is the sickness we've been hearing about since early Rousseau days. The question is, what does this mean? How did electric shock therapy and hot branding irons prove he was infected? Why try to poison him? Will Jack allow Sayid to be poisoned now? Interesting...

-- Hurley and Miles had too little to do this week.

-- Josh Holloway was FANTASTIC this week. His grief was palpable. I've never been more impressed with his acting than I was here, and the scene on the dock should be his Emmy tape.

-- The question we're left with is "Who is Claire now?" She came out of the woods all Danielle Rousseau, we got the very clear shout out to Danielle so we're MEANT to make the connection - but why? What happened to her? How closely does it parallel Danielle's story, and what implication does that have? Are we going to get a parallel between Aaron and Alex somehow? Is Aaron therefore doomed? I'm just letting my speculations run wild here, but who knows if these are relevant questions?

-- Best line of the night: Aldo saying "the pillar of smoke, makes a tikka tikka noise..."

That's about it for now. I may think of more as the week goes by. Not a great episode, certainly, but not a bad one either.

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