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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lost: LA X

NOTE: I'm going to leave recaps to those with larger audiences. My assumption is going to be you saw the most recent episode of Lost, so beware spoilers ahead if you haven't seen it.

I plan to post here thoughts, questions, reactions, etc. Not necessarily in any coherent order. Hence, bullet points. Ready, Go.

-- To start, this was WELL worth the eight month wait. I laughed, teared up, and at one point LITERALLY jumped out of my seat with excitement (I did, ask Caitie).

-- Alternate time lines. I LOVE this. I love that we're now getting "flashes sideways" (words of the producers). It's perfect story-telling. After our traditional flashbacks and game changing flash forwards, "sideways" flashes seem all too suited to this show.

--I'm going to treat the sideways flashes as them being legitimate timelines, not "side stories." The first question I have is WHAT is the deal with Desmond being on the plane? Two thoughts -- 1)we know Des is special. Could he be in both timelines? 2)If the island was submerged (how cool was that???) in 1977, was Widmore still on the island then? If so, did Des never meet him?

-- The sideways flashes were just a little -- off. Jack with the nick on his neck. The reversal of the Rose/Jack discussion. Sawyer seeming cocky. Hurley being lucky. One of the things I'm most looking forward to finding out about is how this new timeline skews with what we know already. Besides, how cool was it to see Frogurt and Arzt again!

-- The John/Jack talk at the end of the episode was awesome. "Nothing is irreversible." Is Jack somehow going to try to reverse the timeline? The line was no accident!

-- Back to the island, let's start with Juliet. Sad she's dead, but what were the lines about coffee and going Dutch? My guess - Juliet was experiencing both timelines simultaneously. There's speculation that she's not talking to Sawyer in the other timeline. I don't know about that, but I'm willing to bet we hear those lines again!

-- The moment that had me jump off the couch -- Locke IS MIB IS Smokey!!! I have to agree with Doc Jensen: "I'm sorry you had to see me like that" may well be the greatest line in the series so far. Now, the question is what is home? Is it the temple? Is it off the island? Is it another TIME? Terry O'Quinn needs another Emmy for this performance.

-- So, is Sayid Jacob now? Seems very possible! Those temple "others" were interesting, and I love that we're finally finding out more about these people who've been on the island all along. They're the ones who took the kids from the Tailies back in the beginning of season 2. I think Alpert has a connection to them. Interesting...can't wait to find out more.

I know I look at this show with rose-colored glasses, but the ONLY criticism I can give of this episode was the INCREDIBLE amount of commercials.

Please leave any thoughts, comments, ideas, "Jason you're an idiot" thoughts in the comments below. If I think of anything else I'll add it in as the week goes by.


  1. Do you think Jack is somehow the science piece and that good can come out of both science and faith? Island: faith healed Locke, Real world: Science heals Locke?

    Did Jacob choose Sayid to prove he has so much faith in humanity. Sayid's made bad choices but also has qualities that are redeemable and can choose to be good when given a chance at redemption?

    Ben: bad or good? No redeeming qualities. Just like smokey. dark! All about himself. Like eating the apple in the Garden of Eden, he kills Jacob instead of trusting his faith.



  2. I think your first point is VERY likely-- I like that a lot.

    Hadn't thought about Sayid that far, partly because we don't know for SURE that he is Jacob yet...I'll get back to you on that one.

    Ben, I'm convinced, BELIEVES he's good. My ultimate guess -- he finds out he was on the wrong side and now has to redeem himself by truly fighting for Jacob.

    That shot of him with the "what have I done?" look last night makes me think we're going to see a big change in him.