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Sunday, January 17, 2010


I've been in a little bit of a writing funk the last week - I've barely gotten anything done. I'm been spending some time looking back at the novel, making small changes here and there, but can't get myself motivated to really go at it right now. I think some might be the pressure of waiting for the partial response, but I want to snap myself out of it.

I'll get there - these things go in waves for me....


  1. Hey Mr. Flum,
    It's Jordan Teicher. Happened to stumble across your blog. How are things going? Glad to see you are trying to become a professional writer, thinking about trying to do the same thing myself. I would be interested in hearing about your experiences thus far. Look forward to hearing back from you.


  2. Jordan,
    Are there any questions you have in particular? I'd be happy to answer them.

    How did you come across the blog?

    What kind of stuff are you interested in writing?

  3. I heard from someone you were trying to write a book, I don't remember exactly who mentioned it to me so I searched online and found the link to the blog on google. I'm interested in writing fiction, not quite sure what about though. I don't really have any particular questions, just curious to see what the process was like for you/wanted to see how you were doing.

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