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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thoughts on my book

It's now been over a year since I finished my novel. I've sent out to agents, been rejected by some, and been ignored by some. I have my book out to a couple right now. Who knows how they'll respond. The strange part to me, though, is that to me the book just FEELS complete. To me, the characters seem so real, and the story like a favorite story I've known all my life. I think in a way that's what makes the process of finding an agent so damned frustrating. They get, at best, a glimpse of the book. I do wonder though if it would hurt more or less to get rejected on the whole thing -- though on the flip side I feel like I can't do justice to the story in the tiny blurb the agents want.

I mean, how do I give justice to a story that includes philosophical ideas on life and death; teenagers coping with growing up, taking their parents' place and paying for the sins of their parents; history that stretches back generations - and the impact of the past on the present; euthenasia, and our very beliefs in religion. All that is dealt with in (what I hope) is an exciting adventure story that will appeal to teenagers and make them think about some of these issues without bludgeoning them over the head with it. These are issues I know I thought about as a teen, and I do think many kids today think about them as well.

In my agent letters I focus on the more "pedestrian" parts of the story - the characters and basic plot- because any attempt I've made at summarizing the story that includes a reference to these things just comes off as overbearing or too intellectual for mass consumption (believe me, the story isn't). So, I'm kind of stuck in limbo. I need an agent to actually READ the book and see what I've done, but how do I get them to read it when my story is about a prince on a search for a magic basket with the help of a witch, a dragon, and a demon-fairy?


  1. It's called "query hell" for a reason. ;) If you start talking themes to any but an agent who represents literary fiction, they will probably pass on it.

    We've reworked your query letter that should help. This story will find a home. The best thing you can do at this point in time is start working on your next masterpiece.

    *goes off to start beta-reading said novel as promised*