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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


My "great" enrichment class has come up with a brilliant idea for their parts of speech podcast. The parts of speech are making a movie called "The Sentence: The Movie." The kids are going to create a faux documentary about the making of the movie. The movie itself is more or less irrelevant, but what matters is that each role is going to be played by a part of speech - so the noun and verb are the main characters who are fighting for control. Adjective and Adverb are supporting players, each of whom have chosen their own side of the arguments. Preposition is the paparazzi obsessed with Noun, Interjection is a film historian commenting on the movie, Pronoun is (what else?) Noun's stunt double, and Conjunction is the director who just wants to bring everything together. The movie production was fraught with problems - big egos on the part of Noun and Verb, Commas that kept getting in the way, and Period who just wanted to put an end to the whole thing.

I was impressed with how clever the kids were - I did help with some of the ideas, but a lot of it was them. Now the tricky part - actually WRITING the thing!

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