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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Story Idea

Last night, Caitie and I were talking and I stumbled on an idea for a story that I'm not sure I could write, but someone with more of a talent for romance might be able to write. If you're interested in taking up the idea, let me know! Here it is:

A girl is born thinking that she has an imaginary friend. She can't see him, but she can hear him talking. She doesn't always understand what he's saying or why he's saying the things he's saying, but she just accepts it as her friend being strange. As she gets older, the voice continues. Others tell her that she's got a rich imagination which advances to "you're crazy." She still hears the voice, almost incessantly. She learns to shut the sound of "him" talking out, to pretend that she can't hear him.

The voice fades to the background, almost like it's just a part of her subconscious. She doesn't actually listen to it, but it's still there.

She gets older. In college one day she meets a guy...and she realizes that the voice she's been hearing all along are HIS thoughts. Somehow she has a connection to him that she's had since birth. She instantly falls in love, feeling as though she's known him all along.

That's about as far as we got. This brings up a huge range of questions -- does his behavior mirror his thoughts? Does he act differently from what she would expect? How would HE react to her being able to hear his thoughts? Does he like it? Is he horrified and wants nothing to do with her? Does he develop his own form of telepathy? Does he pretend to? If the book is something other than a romance, could he be a psychopath who somehow shields his true thoughts from her? Is she insane and only thinks she's hearing his thoughts? If it is a romance, what are the implications of this scenario? Does she lose the power when she's around him?

I don't know - not sure where it could go but it certainly seems like an intriguing thing to explore. I'm just not so sure I'm the right author to do it.

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