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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Start of a new year

An "update" post:

School started this week - new unit, new teachers, new everything for me. So far I'm liking the other side of my school building all right. It's a change, certainly. The kids seem to be pretty good, and I like the people I work with.

I finished the first draft of "The Tinchild." I like the way it turned out. It was different than I expected, but that's one of the best parts of writing. I have two beta readers looking at it as I'm revising, so I'm getting quite a bit done with it when I have time. I'm also working on a new idea - a MG Roald Dahl-ish horror novel. It's a little strange (as it should be, I suppose), but so far I'm having a lot of fun with the idea.

I just finished reading book two of the Song of Ice and Fire, and began book three. What an incredibly rich world Martin has created! He gets a little carried away with descriptions sometimes (I don't need to know EVERYTHING on a dinner table), but his dialogue and characterization is amongst the best I've ever read.

I've also started rereading the first book in The Chronicles of Amber series. I read the whole series when I was a teenager, and I've forgotten just how well written the books are. It's much faster paced than the Martin books, but the characters are no less vivid.

I'm looking forward to the new TV season starting. Caitie has suggested I write reviews of the new shows as they come on in this space, and if I have time I may try that. Something to look forward to!

In other news, Caitie and I just bought our first piece of furniture together (yeah, I know, we've been married two years). There was a deal at a local furniture store on couches that we simply couldn't pass up (by reducing my Gamefly subscription, selling our old couch, and counting what I've won in poker lately, it was practically free - I know that sounds crazy, but we got a REALLY good deal). The couch we have is functional, but not very comfortable and too big for the space we have. This couch has two recliners and is just the right size for us. Looking forward to getting that later this week!

That's about it for now. Hope everyone's doing well!


  1. we just bought our first piece of furniture (four years married, LoL) together two or three weeks ago. Also a couch, also a deal. Though not nearly as "free" as yours, it also has two recliners. small world. :)