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Monday, October 4, 2010


Not much new to write about other than my frustration at the waiting game. I sent a full MS to an agent about seven weeks ago, and sent a requested chapter to another about a week after that. I haven't heard from either yet, and the wait is EXTREMELY frustrating. I've read articles that say when you're ready to write an email to them as a prod, send out another query to someone else. I've done that -- but the itch doesn't go away - and then you have the added itch of "OK, what about these new queries?" Caitie will tell me to shut up and wait. I know that. Anyone else have any advice? I know on the full six months might go by before I hear. What about the chapter though? How long does that take -- and will I EVER hear or is it just going to be a rejection through non-communication? (The worse kind).



  1. I don't know about the specfics of waiting for a response, but I know waiting can drive you crazy. Try not to keep looking every day, etc it will only drive you even more crazy. It will happen. That's what I kept telling Rob and FFH finally did. Now we're waiting for it to grow, which is driving us crazy, just keep finding positives. It helps.