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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hunger Games

I finished reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins last night. It left me kind of befuddled. I really enjoyed the book, but it was one of those stories that if you thought about it too much things didn't quite add up -- or at the very least the coincidences and conveniences of plot become overwhelmingly obvious. Still, the book is very exciting and definitely creative. I liked the voice she uses to tell the story, though I think by telling it in first person she forcibly limited some of the information that, as a consumer of complete stories, the reader feels they want to know some of the things she leaves out. Perhaps some of those answers will come in the sequels, but the story told feels completed.

Of course, I do tend to overthink these things.


  1. I love Hunger Games. It's one of those books that sucks you and doesn't let go until well after the book is over.

    But you're right, there are definitely some convenient activities going on. I'm more than willing to overlook them for such great book.